Conference contributions at the FSC 2023


The FSC conference 2023 (11th International Conference "Fuel Science - From Production to Propulsion") takes place from May 23rd to May 25th in Aachen. The event is aimed at representatives from science and industry interested in the challenges of developing new fuels from renewable energy and carbon sources. The LTT is represented at the conference with six contributions from the research groups energy systems engineering, Measurement Systems Engineering, and Molecular Systems Engineering.

Karan Anand presents his research on the carbon footprint of ammonia fuel cell electric vehicles with his presentation “Well-to-wheel carbon footprint analysis of ammonia fuel cell electric vehicles”.

Hendrik Pötting presents his research about greenhouse gas emissions of fuels for direct liquid fuel cells with his poster “Environmental fuel production targets for direct liquid fuel cells”.

Simon Völker presents “Towards sustainable transport with hydroformylated Fischer-Tropsch fuels as drop-in fuels employing drop-in technology” (presentation) and “Identifying the key environmental objectives for integrated fuel and process design” (tandem presentation with Philipp Ackermann, AVT.SVT).

Raphael Dewor presents his research on the combustion and emission characteristics of bio-hybrid fuels at reactivity-controlled compression igniton with his poster “Combustion and emission characteristics of Diethoxymethane and Ethyl acetate at RCCI conditions, measured via two-photon laser-induced fluorescence”.

Enia-Léon Mudimu will present new results on the reaction mechanisms of ethyl format oxidation and generation of soot precursors from a cooperation of LTT, ITV, and HDG within the Fuel Science Center (FSC) using experimental methods and ChemTraYzer.