PtG-MSE: Power to Gas- Model project for cross-Sector Energy systems

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Yifan Wang

Energy Systems Engineering


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Power-to-gas technologies for the conversion of electricity into storable gas are the key technology for sector coupling. Further, power-to-gas technologies increase the usability of electricity from renewable energy sources in a future energy system as a balancing and stabilizing flexibility option. Thus, power-to-gas technologies contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

In this joint project, a Power-to-gas test field is to be set up at the ZBT site as a pilot and demonstration platform on a pilot scale. At the test field, a detailed analysis of different technology chains is carried out, on the background of a future sector coupled energy system. The planned activities contribute to increasing the degree of technological maturity of such power-to-gas plants and system chains.

The project will be carried out by the three consortium partners in the two main areas: plant engineering and energy management systems. The work of the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics focuses on energy management systems.

The first focus is on the dimensioning, development and construction of the test field, dynamic process modelling and the practical testing of individual systems and system chains.

Parallel to this, the second focus is the modelling, simulation and analysis of system chains, the implementation of forecast models as well as the creation and application of different operational management concepts. Methods such as superstructure analysis are applied. Thus, the controllable and non-controllable energy sectors electricity, gas and heat can be coordinated in the future energy system by overall planning and coordination. Thereby, the project aims to increase the efficiency and the ecological benefit of future power-to-gas plants.

To build and operate such a power-to-gas plants as a combination of innovative and established plant components, to simulate it dynamically in parallel and to subject it to energy system optimization from the point of view of sector coupling is a challenging and a highly innovative approach.



This project is supported by the Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE).


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June 30, 2023