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Energy Systems Engineering


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The BMBF funding measure "CO2 as a sustainable source of carbon - pathways to industrial application (CO2-WIN)" focuses on the areas of electrochemical conversion of CO2, chemical and biotechnological processes for the production of sustainable chemicals and fuels, and mineralization using CO2 to produce climate-friendly building materials. This technological diversity will be necessary for the industrial recycling of carbon to succeed in the future. The aim of CO2-WIN is to take these technologies a further step towards application.



The project “ProMet” focuses on the development of a direct synthesis of methanol from CO2 via electrolysis. The methanol-to-propylene process converts methanol to propylene, a basic chemical with a world-wide production volume of 100 Mt per year. By using electricity from renewable energies for the electrocatalytic conversion of CO2, a more sustainable production pathway for methanol and propylene could be developed.

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The LTT focusses on the environmental assessment using the method Life Cycle Assessment and the process optimization with respect to environmental indicators.

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February 2020 to January 2023


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