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Many chemical products are produced from fossil resources such as crude oil or natural gas. Increasing needs for energy and eco-efficiency require the chemical industry to develop technologies that use alternative resources. An alternative carbon source for polymer syntheses is carbon dioxide. For example, the greenhouse gas can be used to produce elastomers – elastic, rubber-like polymers.



The project “Production Dreams” aims at increasing material and energy efficiency of elastomer production using CO2 as feedstock. The Chair of Technical Thermodynamics conducts a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the CO2-based elastomer production. The LCA study evaluates the entire life cycle of the production processes with respect to several environmental impacts. This holistic approach avoids problem shifting between life-cycle stages or between environmental impacts. The LCA study will reveal whether and to what extent the utilization of CO2 as feedstock for elastomers reduces environmental impacts.



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2016 - 2019