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In the Clusters4Future Hydrogen, scientific, economic and social actors are strategically networked across disciplines in the areas of production, storage, distribution and use of hydrogen in order to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and technology in the field of hydrogen. The Hydrogen Future Cluster consists of 11 sub-projects. Further information on the cluster and the subprojects can be found here.


Project HyInnoSep

The Institute of Technical Thermodynamics is involved in the HyInnoSep project to develop an electrochemical reactor for the separation and compression of hydrogen from the natural gas grid. Currently, hydrogen contents of up to 10 vol.% are allowed in the German natural gas network. In the future, this percentage is to be increased to up to 20 vol.% for natural gas pipelines. In addition to the feed-in of pure hydrogen from electrolysis into the gas grid, and the safe transport in the gas grid, the separation of the natural gas/hydrogen mixture at the end user is a big challenge.

The Institute of Technical Thermodynamics is conducting a life cycle analysis of the reactor as part of the project. The aim is to compare the ecological impact during the transport in the natural gas network with subsequent separation of hydrogen to the impact of hydrogen transport using pure hydrogen pipelines or other transport options.


Project Details

Project Duration

October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2024


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