Diffusion measurement in multicomponent liquid systems using 1D Raman spectroscopy


Weißenberg, Felix © Copyright: Lehrstuhl fuer Technische Thermodynamik der RWTH Aachen


Felix Weißenberg

Measurement Systems Engineering


+49 241 80-95395




Diffusion is ubiquitous in (bio-)chemical processes. As the measurement effort scales quadratically with the number of components in a system, diffusion data is scarce especially for multicomponent systems. Therfore diffusion data is much-needed, to be able to model mass transport processes as well as validation data for models to predict diffusion data.


Aim of this Project

The aim of the project is to study diffusion in multicomponent liquid systems, which play a major role in many industrial processes. Diffusive mass transport is investigated using 1D Raman spectroscopy. From the Raman spectra, local concentrations of all components can be determined. The high temporal and spatial resolution from 1D Raman spectroscopy offer the potential to observe small concentration changes. From local and temporal concentration profiles, the diffusion coefficient can be determined. This measurement principle shows high potential for multicomponent systems.