Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass - Vapor-Liquid-Equilibria


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Hans-Jürgen Koß

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The Cluster of Excellence “Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass”

The goal of the Cluster of Excellence Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass (TMFB) is the interdisciplinary investigation of new synthetic fuels and chemicals generated from biomass. It aims at finding the best combination of selection and use of products and production processes. The research focuses on a holistic optimization with strong interaction of research projects in the fields of chemistry, engineering and economics.
Further information about the work and organization of the TMFB can be found on the Website of the Fuel Design Center.


Contribution of the LTT

Air-fuel mixture formation in an internal-combustion engine directly influences both the efficiency of combustion and the formation of emissions in a crucial manner. Air-fuel mixture formation itself is determined by the evaporation characteristics of the respective fuels.
The objective of this project is to support spray- and combustion-modeling by providing profound information on the evaporation characteristics of novel biofuel blends. For this purpose, both vapor-liquid equilibria and gas-phase compositions in the vapor trail of free falling droplets will be studied using spectroscopical methods.


Project Details

Project Duration

until October 2017