Measurement and Modelling of Diffusion in Multi-component Liquid Systems


Weißenberg, Felix © Copyright: Lehrstuhl fuer Technische Thermodynamik der RWTH Aachen


Felix Weißenberg

Measurement Systems Engineering


+49 241 80-95395



The aim of this project is to investigate the diffusion in multicomponent liquids, which is an important factor in many chemical processes. The diffusion will be measured optically and modelled thermodynamically.

The diffusion process is measured directly in a micro fluidic set-up using Raman-spectroscopy. Planning and analysis use methods of optimal experimental design. At the same time, a predictive model of Maxwell-Stefan diffusion coefficients in liquid multi-component systems is developed.

Still diffusion is often described using the Fick approach, even for multi-component systems. For these systems the determination of Fick’ian diffusion coeffient still demand high experimental effort and show poor predictability. Thus, a predictive model of diffusion will be developed.