Rapid Measurement of Multicomponent Diffusion Using Microfluidics


Weißenberg, Felix © Copyright: Lehrstuhl fuer Technische Thermodynamik der RWTH Aachen


Felix Weißenberg

Measurement Systems Engineering


+49 241 80-95395



The main aim of this project is the development of a rapid measurement technique for multicomponent diffusion coefficients using microfluidics. Available techniques for diffusion coefficient measurements are usually considered complex and time consuming. In particular, the experimental effort increases strongly for multicomponent mixtures. Measuring multicomponent diffusion is perhaps one of the most difficult problems remaining to be solved in reaction-diffusion problems. Thus the objective of this research is to develop a rapid measurement technique for multicomponent diffusion, to develop a unique microfluidic set-up which is applicable to classical solvent systems, bio-chemical systems, and biological systems.

With our model based optimized microfluidic approach, optimal working parameters such as Fourier number, chip dimensions are optimized and unique and quick measurement technique in microfluidics applicable to wide variety of systems is developed. Additionally this continuing research will be able to reduce the experimental time and effort for available multicomponent diffusion coefficient measurements from days or hours to minutes.

Based on this development, the extension of the setup to general kinetic measurements will be explored aiming at an integrated micro-lab for high-throughput fluid property determination.