Experimental and Model-based Analysis of Adsorption Thermal Energy Storage


Engelpracht, Mirko © Copyright: Lehrstuhl fuer Technische Thermodynamik der RWTH Aachen


Mirko Engelpracht

Group Leader Sorption Systems Engineering


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  Experimental Setup for Thermal Energy Storage Systems Copyright: © LTT

Thermal energy storage is a proven method to improve energy supply systems' flexibility and reduce energy consumption. In particular, storage systems based on sorption processes offer very high energy storage densities and accomplish thermal energy storage for unlimited periods, as long as sorbent and sorbate can be stored separately.

  Model of an Adsorption Thermal Energy Storage Unit Copyright: © LTT

We had a versatile experimental setup to evaluate adsorption thermal energy storage units at various process conditions, e.g., with charging temperatures up to 250°C.


To develop efficient storage units, we used dynamic simulations with validated models of adsorption thermal energy storage units. We analyzed the integration of those storage units in energy systems and quantified the advantages of thermal storage for industrial, residential, and mobile applications.


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Project duration

March 15, 2014 to January 1, 2015