DyHySt: Dynamic hydrogen storage: Integrated model of electrolysis and gas conditioning


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Mirko Engelpracht

Group Leader Sorption Systems Engineering


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  Process chain of hydrogen production and conditioning, comprising electrolysis, drying and compression. Copyright: © LTT

Fluctuating renewable energies can be used to produce hydrogen with dynamically operating electrolysis units. Hydrogen can be stored and used as an energy carrier to make renewable energies dispatchable. However, the hydrogen needs to be conditioned after electrolysis, as it has to fulfill rigorous criteria concerning purity and pressure level. The corresponding gas conditioning steps are energy-intense and significantly contribute to the overall process costs. In addition, the electrolysis and the gas conditioning are directly coupled by the hydrogen flux and consequently affect each other. In this research project, we quantify the energy demand of the complete process chain using dynamic models. Furthermore, we will determine the influence of process and system parameters on the energy demand and the system dynamics. This study will help to identify energy-saving potentials for power-to-gas applications and, therefore, promote the use of hydrogen as an energy storage medium and the integration of renewable energies in the long term.



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September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016