INTAS: Study of solar assisted adsorption cooling unit using new adsorbent materials


Engelpracht, Mirko © Copyright: Lehrstuhl fuer Technische Thermodynamik der RWTH Aachen


Mirko Engelpracht

Group Leader Sorption Systems Engineering


+49 241 80 98176



The project's main objective is to develop a new adsorbent, belonging to a family of composite materials already investigated, to be used in a cooling system driven by solar energy. Designing the adsorption device and solar collector in an integrated unit is also a paramount objective.

For reaching the research objectives, the project is organized to pursue intermediate objectives that are also of interest within the scientific community:

  1. Analysis and recommendation on both the working concept and the design of the components of a solar-assisted adsorption cooling unit (SAACU) applying the new composite adsorbents under different climatic conditions.
  2. Design of a solar driven sorption cooling unit
  3. Optimization of the thermal interaction of the SAACU components by an exergetic analysis of the system
  4. Development of a dynamic simulation model of the SAACU

The system that will be investigated in this project can have a major application in cooling systems or ice production for food preservation in hot regions and remote sites where the lack of electricity does not allow the production of cold or ice by the traditional vapor compression systems.