Integrating cogeneration and thermal energy storage for an energy-efficient industrial batch process


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Mirko Engelpracht

Group Leader Sorption Systems Engineering


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Integration of an adsorption thermal energy storage unit into a brewery heat supply system in combination with a gas-motor cogeneration unit was designed and analyzed. The feasibility of the designed system was demonstrated by building and testing a first prototype of the storage at a lab-scale yielding sufficient storage density.

The demonstrated concept of continuously operated cogeneration units combined with adsorption thermal storage is generally applicable to discontinuous heat demands of industrial batch processes. Hereby, adsorption thermal energy storage also offers the option to link low-temperature heat sources to higher-temperature industrial processes. Furthermore, adsorption thermal energy storage allows for flexible storage time and low heat losses if the adsorption pair is isolated from each other during storage. Thus, adsorption thermal energy storage provides large flexibility in operation and design to match the heat requirements of batch processes and enhance energy efficiency in the industry.



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August 1, 2008 to June 30, 2012