SorpLib: Dynamic simulation of adsorption energy systems


Gibelhaus, Andrej © Copyright: Lehrstuhl fuer Technische Thermodynamik der RWTH Aachen


Andrej Gibelhaus

Sorption Systems Engineering


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The design of adsorption systems is challenging due to their intrinsic dynamic nature: During operation, adsorption energy systems switch between ad- and desorption phases, meaning they work discontinuously. Besides, adsorption devices consist of several components, all being influencing the performance. In an optimal design, these components need to be balanced avoiding oversized components on the one hand and bottlenecks on the other. To meet this optimal design challenge, the Modelica LTT Adsorption Energy Systems Library, short SorpLib, has been developed.

  Model of a 2-bed adsorption chiller without heat recovery Copyright: © LTT

The SorpLib is a Modelica library, which allows building all kinds of adsorption energy systems, e.g. adsorption chillers and heat pumps, thermal adsorption storage systems or desiccant systems. The library includes basic models for the different components of adsorption systems. This modular approach allows the user to develop new models quickly. Additionally, the library contains exchangeable media models and a database with many working pairs.


The SorpLib is publicly available. The gitlab repository and further information can be found here:

Additionally, an overview of the model library including several validated examples can be found here:

Modeling adsorption based chillers, heat pumps, thermalstorages and desiccant systems