Energy Systems Engineering


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Christiane Reinert

Group Leader Energy Systems Engineering (absent)


+49 241 80 98179



Current deputies for Sarah Deutz: Benedikt Nilges, Simon Völker

Current deputy for Christiane Reinert: Dörthe Hagedorn


In the research group energy systems engineering, we focus on developing methods for evaluating and designing sustainable systems in energy and process engineering. Using model-based and computer-aided methods, we analyze, design, assess, and optimize these systems to be reliable, efficient, flexible, and sustainable.


In developing mathematical methods for the analysis, assessment, and optimization of systems, we use fundamental principles of thermodynamics to improve systems on different scales: from molecules over industrial production processes to multi-regional energy systems. In addition, we evaluate technologies and systems based on the method life cycle assessments to identify environmental trade-offs at an early stage. Under the motto “saving the climate with thermodynamics”: we want to achieve a concrete and tangible contribution to sustainable technology development and, in particular, to climate change mitigation, together with project partners from industry and science.


Our topics and applications

  • Power-to-X and sector coupling in sustainable energy systems
  • Multi-criterial optimization of energy systems
  • Electrolysis (hydrogen, chlorine, methanol)
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
  • Optimization of heat integration in batch processes
  • CO2 and biomass utilization for polymers and fuels
  • CO2 capture from air (Direct Air Capture, DAC)
  • Heat integration (Pinch method)

Our competencies

  • Development of thermodynamic models for energy and process engineering
  • Formulation of mathematical optimization problems for sustainable production and energy systems
  • Model-based Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Assessment of new technologies in the context of planetary boundaries to identify potential trade-offs at an early stage
  • Prediction models of thermodynamic and environment-related material and product properties
  • Optimization and assessment of energy systems from industrial to national scale

Current Projects

AROUND - Alternative ROUtes for Sustainable Diamines in the Circular Economy
Be-Safe - Reliable design of industrial energy systems with uncertain input data
Clusters4Future Hydrogen
ESTIMATe – Early Stage Impact Assessment Tool
Food-Pinch: Dynamic heat integration in the food industry
iNEW 2.0 – Incubator Sustainable Electrochemical Value Chains
The Fuel Science Center

Completed Projects

Ag-Recycling from electrolysis electrodes
City OASIS – Optimally Adapted Solutions for Integrated urban energy Systems
DREAM Compound Conti – A new high-performance polymer
Dream Resource Conti
Ecology – Life Cycle Assessment
Energie System 2050
Flexibilitätswende – integration of industrial energy systems into regional electricity markets to stabilize the electricity grid
Kopernikus-Projekt SynErgie
ModEst – Software-supported model identification based on measured data in the field of industrial energy systems
P2X Phase 1 & 2
Production Dreams
PtG-MSE: Power to Gas- Model project for cross-Sector Energy systems
SCI4climate.NRW - scientific competence in industry 4 climate
sOptimo+: Integrated optimization of energy systems in practice
Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass - Holistic Process Design for Biofuel Separations