Technical Services

At the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics specialized technical employees working who are working on research projects, construct test benches and build, measuring programs perform and assume other permanent tasks .

The following technical services are established at LTT:

  • mechanical workshop,
  • Electronics workshop,
  • Optics / Laser Technology,
  • Chemical and laboratory Technology,
  • IT Department.

Laboratories and Test Benches

At the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics a number of laboratories, specialized equipment and test benches are available, of which here are the most important ones:

Optical laboratories:

  • powerful CW laser systems (vis/ IR), tunable in part, for example, spontaneous Raman spectroscopy,
  • powerful pulse laser system (UV/ VIS), for example, for Raman spectroscopy or laser - induced fluorescence,
  • several spectrograph for spectroscopic studies,
  • Triggerable highly sensitive (I)CCD cameras, and
  • Confocal Raman Microscope.

Chemistry labs:

  • gas chromatograph (GC),
  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC),
  • Volumetric Karl-Fischer-titrator,
  • Rolling ball viscometer,
  • Density meter (oscillating U-tube method),
  • Apparatus for the estimation of vapor-liquid phase equilibrium,
  • Calibration device for temperature sensors,
  • helium leak detector.

Test Benches:

  • Modular testing of thermal heat pumps, chillers and thermal storage units,
  • Test facility for drying and air-conditioning with open adsorption,
  • Test facility for adsorption kinetics by large temperature jump method,
  • Evaporator testing,
  • Test benches for measuring phase and reaction equilibrium data, reaction kinetics data and other material data (even of corrosive substances in wide pressure and temperature ranges).

Institute Library

The stock of our library can be queried using the search function of the University Library RWTH Aachen University.