Thermodynamics of Mixtures



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A chemical Engineer needs a profound knowledge on thermodynamic properties of pure compounds and mixtures to design unit operations, for example distillation and extraction columns. This knowledge will be conveyed in the lecture "Thermodynamics of Mixtures".

Presently, the lecture "Thermodynamics of Mixtures" is offered in German only.


Lecture and Exercise

Lecture :

2 hours

Tutorials :

1 hour Tutorial + 1 consultation hour

Semester :

Winter Term

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Information regarding the exam

The exam in “Thermodynamics of Mixtures” is a written exam. You find the examination date on RWTHonline. More information about the exam format and organisational details are provided on the RWTHmoodle learning platform.

Consultation hours:

We offer consultation hours before the exam. Please, refer to RWTHmoodle for organisational details.

Former exam sheets can be downloaded in the RWTHmoodle.