Combustion Chemistry


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Kai Leonhard

Group Leader Molecular Systems Engineering


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In order to optimize engines and fuels for high efficiency and low emissions we need to understand the ignition and burning properties of potential new fuels. This lecture will complement the knowledge obtained in "Technical Combustion" with two additional fields: we will teach experimental methods for combustion analysis (shock tubes, rapid compression machines, and laser spectroscopy) and aid in understanding elementary kinetics using thermodynamic and quantum chemical methods. A focus of the lecture will be the optimal combination of experimental and theoretical techniques. Another important topic will be applications from the cluster of excellence "Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass" aiming at the development of new sustainable fuels and new low-emission combustion processes.


Lecture and Exercise

Lecture :

2 hours

Tutorials :

1 hour

Semester :

Winter Term

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Examination Information

The examination for the course Combustion Chemistry will take place as an oral examination and can optionally be held in English or German. The examination dates will be set after prior consultation with Professor Leonhard and Professor Heufer. Please direct your questions concernig the examination modalities to the contact person of this course.