Applied Molecular Thermodynamics


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Thomas Nevolianis

Molecular Systems Engineering


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Applied molecular thermodynamics is an interdisciplinary field in the area of fluid systems science. It has its roots in classical thermodynamics and classical mechanics, augmented with results from quantum chemistry, statistical physics and electrodynamics. On this broad basis it formulates a comprehensive framework for providing information on fluid system behavior. Many important industrial applications as well as the explanation of natural phenomena rely on such knowledge, notably in space and other high temperature industries, in chemical and environmental science and technology, in biotechnology as well as in many standard applications of mechanical engineering. After a short introduction of the fundamentals, various technical applications are discussed such as gas technology, including chemical high-temperature reactions, separation technology for simple and complex liquids, and an introduction to electrolyte solutions and biotechnical systems.


Lecture and Exercise

Lecture :

2 hours

Tutorials :

1 hour

Semester :

Winter Term

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Can be chosen from English or German


Examination Information

The examination for the course Applied Molecular Thermodynamics will take place as an oral examination and can optionally be held in English or German. The examination dates will be set after prior consultation with Professor Leonhard. For better preparation, a question booklet on molecular thermodynamics can be obtained. Please direct your questions concernig the examination modalities to the contact person of this course.