Integration of Renewable Energy Systems


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Jan Hartmann

Energy Systems Engineering


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The lecture „Integration of Renewable Energy Systems“ (ERES) deals with the development of technical and political solutions for the integration of renewable energies and their energetic, economic and ecological assessment. The following topics are covered:

  • Characteristics of renewable energy sources,
  • Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment,
  • Power grids and electricity storage,
  • Load following operation and load balancing by conventional power plants,
  • Gas networks and gas storage,
  • Heat networks and heat storage,
  • Coupling of electricity, gas and heat sectors using Power-To-X technologies,
  • Planning of the integration of renewable energies,
  • Renewable energy policy,
  • Economy and market mechanisms for the integration of renewable energies.

Lecture and Exercise

Lecture : 1.5 hours
Tutorials : 1.5 hours
Semester : Summer Term
Language : German


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Examination Information

The examination in Integration of renewable energy systems will be a written exam.

We will announce all information on the examination.


Before the exam, there will be a consultation in the LTT premises. Here you can ask questions about the lecture and the exercise. The exact dates for the consultation will be announced via RWTH Moodle.

Further information, such as information regarding the examination or the announcement of results, will also be announced via RWTH Moodle. Additionally, lectures and exercises, as well as, old exams can be downloaded from RWTH Moodle.