Methods for the model based design of energy systems



ModE Team



In the course Methods of model-based energy system design, students learn the technical terms of modeling and mathematical optimization methods and the methods of modeling energy systems as mathematical optimization problems as well as possible solution methods. A special focus is placed on the model-based design of sector-coupled energy systems with storage, grids and energy converters, taking into account a high penetration of renewable energies.

The contents of the lecture include:

  • Linear and mixed-integer optimization
  • Scheduling of energy systems
  • Multicriteria optimization
  • Gametheory, uncertainty analysis and complexity reduction for energy systems
  • Nonlinear and dynamic optimization

Lecture and Exercise

Lecture: 2 hours
Exercis : 2 hours
Semester: Summer Term
Language: English

Further information can be found at RWTH Online.


Examination Information

The examination consists of a project in group work. In addition to a written project report, the results are to be presented in a lecture. The presentation will be followed by a discussion. If you have any further questions about the examination modalities, please contact .