Conference contributions at the HPC conference 2023


The HPC Conference 2023 will be held in Edinburgh from September 3rd to September 6th . The conference will cover the processes of heating and cooling, grid stability, desalination, and CO2 capture as some of the applications where heat is delivered, managed, converted, and emitted across different temperatures. The LTT is represented by four papers from the sorption systems engineering group .

Daniel Rezo presents his research on location analysis of CO2-capture processes with his presentation on „Mapping the Global Carbon Capture Efficiency of DAC“.

Patrik Postweiler presents his research on demand-side management with his presentation on „Demand-Side Management for Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage: An Enabler for Low-Cost Negative Emissions?“.

Matthias Henninger presents his research on comparing working pairs of adsorption chillers with his presentation on „Evaluating the Performance of Adsorption Chillers with Water, Methanol, and Ethanol: IR-LTJ Experiments and Model-Based Scale-Up“.

Marten Lache presents his research on refrigerant mixtures for adsorption chillers with his presentation on „Dynamic Modelling of Adsorption Chillers Using Refrigerant Mixtures: Impacts of Equilibrium and Dynamics on Performance“.