Well-to-Wheel Life Cycle Assessment of Blending OME3-5 With Fossil Diesel

Völker, Simon; Deutz, Sarah; Burre, Jannik; Bongartz, Dominik; Omari, Ahmad; Lehrheuer, Bastian; Pischinger, Stefan; Mitsos, Alexander; Bardow, André; von der Aßen, Niklas Vincenz

Conference Presentation

In: 9. International Conference on Fuel Science Aachen 2021-07-22 - 2021-07-24


  • Chair and Institute of Technical Thermodynamics [412110]
  • Chair of Themordynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion [412310]
  • Chair of Process Systems Engineering [416710]
  • Junior Professorship of Sustainable Life Cycles in Energy, Chemical and Process Engineering [422130]