Towards sustainable transport with hydroformylated Fischer-Tropsch fuels as drop-in fuels employing drop-in technology

Völker, Simon; Groll, Niklas; Bachmann, Marvin; Müller, Leonard; Neumann, Marcel; Kossioris, Theodoros; Muthyala, Paul Pramod; Lehrheuer, Bastian; Hofmeister, Marius; Vorholt, Andreas; Schmitz, Katharina; Pischinger, Stefan; Leitner, Walter; Bardow, André

Conference Presentation

In: 11. International Conference "Fuel Science - From Production to Propulsion" Aachen 2023-05-23 - 2023-05-25


  • Department of Chemistry [150000]
  • Chair of Technical Chemistry and Petrochemistry [154110]
  • Chair and Institute of Technical Thermodynamics [412110]
  • Chair of Themordynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion [412310]
  • Chair and Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems [412810]