Thermodynamics I/II



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Thermodynamics refers to the general theory of energy- and material-converting processes. It constitutes a system-analytical science and is one of the cornerstones of mechanical engineering. Its technical fields of application are in the field of energy and process engineering, namely in building services engineering, industrial process engineering as well as in municipal supply and disposal engineering.

The following activities are offered as part of the course:

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Exercises, Formulary and Substance Properties

In order to reinforce the lecture material, exercises are calculated under the guidance of scientific staff and student assistants. A compilation of relevant equations and material data tables are available as resources for the exam.

The formulary as well as old exams are available via RWTHmoodle.

The assignment sheets for the exercise discussion are provided for download from RWTHmoodle before the respective exercise date.



The material of the lecture is presented in the textbook K. Lucas: Thermodynamik - Die Grundgesetze der Energie- und Stoffumwandlungen (7th edition, Springer 2008).

The textbook can be downloaded from the RWTH network here:
Thermodynamik - Die Grundgesetze der Energie- und Stoffumwandlungen