Energy Systems Engineering



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The course Energy Systems Engineering (EST) covers the holistic conceptualization, analysis, and optimization of energy systems. The considered energy systems typically supply industrial production facilities, settlements, buildings, and communes. The supply with power, cold, room and process heat, or other energy analogous services (such as water and compressed air) can be realized using different energy components. Examples of energy components are boilers, heat pumps, heat exchangers, cogeneration plants, chillers, storages, photovoltaic and wind power stations, electrolyzers, and fuel cells. These components can be combined in various ways. The course Energy Systems Engineering deals with approaches and methods to conceptualize as efficient energy systems as possible.

The contents of the course are:

  • Methods of energy systems engineering: Introduction into energy system analysis and fundamentals of mathematical modeling as well as optimization of energy systems.
  • Methods for an efficient use of energy: Heat integration and waste heat utilization.
  • Technologies for energy conversion and distribution: Fundamentals and dimensionalization.

Knowledge of the course energy economics is a prerequisite.


Lecture and Exercise


2 hours

Exercise discussion:

2 hours


Winter Term




During the lecturing period, the lecture and the exercise discussions (two alternative dates) take place weekly. The offer is typically extended by guest lectures and an excursion. Additional information about the module can be found at RWTHonline.



The examination in „Energy Systems Engineering” is a written exam in German.

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There will be block consultation hours before the exam. During these hours questions regarding lectures and exercises can be asked. More information will be published at RWTHmoodle.

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