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Molecular Systems Engineering


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The project Carbon2Chem aims at cross-linking steel, chemical and energy industries.
On the one hand, the purpose is to absorb power peaks which arise in renewable power generation by electrolytic hydrogen production. Thereby, the project contributes to the grid stability and the integration of renewable energy sources into the energy supply. On the other hand, the project aims at the utilization of carbon-rich flue gases from steel industries. Previously, these gases were mainly used for heat generation. In contrast, the goal of Carbon2Chem is the chemical utilization of these flue gases for the production, e.g. of fuels and polymers.


The tasks of the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics (LTT), RWTH Aachen University are part of the sub-project
Carbon2Polymers and aim at the utilization of carbon-rich flue gases from steel industries in the production
of polycarbonates. For this purpose, new synthesis routes are explored and assessed based on economic and ecological criteria.


One focus of the work at LTT is the development of a theoretical model of the reactive process from Phenol
and Phosgene, manufactured from the flue gases, to polycarbonate. We then use our model to identify side products, to determine the side products‘ effect on the product quality and to derive measures for the product quality enhancement.


Another focus of the work at LTT is the ecological assessment of newly developed synthesis routes. These assessments are performed based on the methods of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which estimate environmental impacts of new process concepts compared to established processes. The integration of LCA into early process design enables the consideration of environmental impacts and according improvements of process concepts at early stages.

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