Prof. von der Aßen appointed as Rector’s Delegate for Sustainability


The Rectorate of the RWTH Aachen University appoints professors to take on individual tasks of strategic importance for the university and representative functions in certain areas or regions.

  Prof. von der Aßen Copyright: © Peter Winandy

Together with Prof. Kathrin Greiff from the Institute for Anthropogenic Material Cycles (ANTS) and Prof. Aaron Praktiknjo from the Chair of Energy System Economics, Prof. von der Aßen was appointed as Rector’s Delegate for Sustainability.

In cooperation with the RWTH staff unit Sustainability and University Governance, the Rector’s Delegates aim to advance ecological, economic and social sustainability at RWTH in areas ranging from research and teaching to operations and governance. "A sustainable university in all areas – this is something that I already emphasised in my application documents for the junior professorship. I am very pleased that, as a Rector’s Delegate, I now have the chance to put my words into action and really make a tangible contribution to a sustainable university," says Prof. von der Aßen.

Among other things, the Rector’s Delegates will lead so-called Green Teams, where all interested members of RWTH can get involved and are explicitly invited to do so. The Green Teams are divided in the themes research, teaching and operations. Such a participatory process is currently also being applied in the development of a sustainability mission statement for RWTH, led by the staff unit for Sustainability. A sustainable RWTH in all areas ultimately requires that all university members, i.e. employees and students, participate. Prof. von der Aßen calls: "Let us together make RWTH more sustainable!"

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