Two Conference Contributions at HPC Conference 2021


The HPC Conference 2021 (9th Heat Powered Cycles Conference) takes place from April 10th to April 13thl in Bilbao, Spain. Due to the Corona pandemic, the conference has been postponed to 2022.

The HPC conference highlights current scientific and technical innovations for the efficient and economical use of heat. The research objectives include the production of cold, space or process heat, and mechanical power. Thereby, technologies considered range from classical thermodynamic cycles to heat transformers and innovative sorption processes.

The LTT presents two contributions prepared by the sorption systems engineering group:

1.) "Environmental Process Optimization of Adsorption-based Direct Air Capture of CO2", presented by Patrik Postweiler

2.) "The Potential of Heat and Mass Recovery for Adsorption Heat Transformers", presented by Mirko Engelpracht