Recent publication about the environmental impacts of blending the electricity-based fuel OME3-5 with fossil diesel


In our new journal article, we analyze the environmental impacts of blending electricity-based polyoxymethylene ethers of chain length three to five (OME3-5) with fossil diesel. We account for the entire life cycle of production, blending, and use of OME3-5 with fossil diesel, considering alternative blending ratios and combustion emissions from single-cylinder engine tests. For vehicle fleets, we show that allocating limited OME3-5 as blend with fossil diesel to all fleet vehicles simultaneously (“blend for all”) is favorable over switching only few vehicles to pure OME3-5 usage (“pure for few”). Read the article to find out more details.

The article is available via open access.

Title: Blend for all or pure for few? Well-to-wheel life cycle assessment of blending electricity-based OME3-5 with fossil diesel

Authors: Simon Völker, Sarah Deutz, Jannik Burre, Dominik Bongartz, Ahmad Omari, Bastian Lehrheuer, Alexander Mitsos, Stefan Pischinger, André Bardow, Niklas von der Aßen

In: Sustainable Energy & Fuels