Three Conference Contributions at FOA Conference 2022


The FOA Conference 2022 (14th International Conference on Fundamentals of Adsorption) takes place from May 22nd to Mai 27th in Broomfield (COL), USA.

The FOA conference series has been held every three years since 1983, alternating between the U.S., Asia Pacific and Europe. The conference covers all topics in liquid and gas adsorption with a special focus on CO2 capture this year. Scientists and engineers from academia attend the conference as well as representatives from government and industry.

The LTT presents three contributions by the sorption systems engineering group:

  1. „Extended-isotherm surrogates for Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of IAST-based Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria”, Presentation by Patrik Postweiler
  2. „Environmental Process Optimization of Direct Air Capture of CO2”, Poster by Patrik Postweiler
  3. „Optimal Experimental Design of Gravimetric Adsorption Isotherm Measurements”, Poster by Matthias Henninger