New publication on experimentally demonstrating the operation of an adsorption heat transformer


In a new scientific article, we have investigated the feasibility to transform unused waste heat at 90 °C to industrially relevant temperatures above 100 °C by exploiting the adsorption phenomenon with low energy input. Thereby, the heat flow at 90 °C is divided into a usable heat flow at 110 °C and a low-temperature heat flow at 25 °C. For this purpose, a new test bench was built at LTT, and the adsorption heat transformation was systematically measured at various operation conditions.

Title: Closed-Loop Adsorption-Based Upgrading of Heat from 90 to 110 °C: Experimental Demonstration and Insights for Future Development

Authors: Mirko Engelpracht, Jannik Driesel, Oliver Nießen, Matthias Henninger , Jan Seiler, André Bardow

In: Energy Technology